Sponsorship FAQs



How much does the sponsorship cost?

Sponsorship for one child at the Lighthouse School is $40 each month in tuition assistance for one year. In addition each sponsored child receives transportation, uniforms and a free meal each day.

How long is my commitment?

The commitment is for one year and can continue thereafter for as long as the sponsor desires.

Do I receive a picture of my student?

Each sponsor will receive a certificate of sponsorship with the child’s picture, as well as a child profile detailing the family and background of the child. Additional pictures and updates are sent to sponsors at least once during the school year.

Can I correspond with my child?

Sponsors are encouraged to correspond with the student. Postcards, pictures, letters and small gifts can be sent to the school and will be given to the child.

What percentage of the funds given actually go to the child for sponsorship?

The Lighthouse School is currently working through three international organizations for the sponsorship program. 95%-100% of the funds given through these organizations go directly to the school as tuition assistance.

How do I send my contribution?

Sponsorship funds can be sent monthly, quarterly or yearly, whichever is most convenient for the sponsor. Further information can be given by going to the contact page and sending an email of interest. You can also visit the ‘Become a Sponsor’ page to see students who are still in need of sponsorship.