About Us



Established in 2004 through a partnership of Christian organizations, the Lighthouse School is committed to educating the children of the Gaza Strip and providing needy families with an educational alternative…a caring and quality private school education with tuition assistance provided through a child sponsorship program.  Over 200 children currently enrolled in kindergarten through elementary school are benefiting from the Lighthouse School program.


A lighthouse stands as a beacon…

both to warn of danger and to provide a point of reference for safe navigation. To navigate safely through the childhood and teenage years under the current conditions in Gaza is nearly impossible.  Gaza’s children have been traumatized by war and violence and have suffered the effects of extreme poverty, overcrowded living conditions, and political instability. Cut-off and isolated from the rest of the world, the living conditions continue to deteriorate offering little help or little hope for the future. In such conditions the young and the needy are the most vulnerable. The Lighthouse School is committed to reaching these children with help and hope through God’s love…and lighting the way to a brighter future.


Statement of Purpose:


  • Enhancing the educational opportunities of needy families in Gaza.


  • Equipping teachers and administration through educational training and development.


  • Encouraging hope and promoting peace to the next generation.