Congratulations LHS Graduates 2016


Another incredible group of students will be leaving the Lighthouse School at the end of May 2016. We’re so proud of our 6th grade graduates and their academic progress and many accomplishments over the past years. We were able to celebrate their success at the Lighthouse School the beginning of May with a small ceremony of recognition. Each student received a certificate from their principal Ms. Faiza and a gift bag from the school leadership. Their homeroom teacher Ms. Basma and their English teacher Ms. Esra helped to plan and organize this simple celebration and demonstrated their love and commitment to their students. Each one of the 6th graders expressed in beautiful English their appreciation and gratitude to the school leadership, donors and friends, and all the teachers responsible for their educational success. We believe the future of Gaza will be better and brighter because of these students and the contributions they will make one day through their continued success and commitment to excellence.


11 of our graduates have been at the Lighthouse School since kindergarten and have benefited from the sponsorship program and individual donors who have given through the years so generously and faithfully.






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